Talulah J. Sullivan

Talulah J. Sullivan (a.k.a. J Tullos Hennig) has been a pro equestrian, a dancer, an actor, an activist, and a teacher who has learned as much from her two- and four-legged students as she’s ever shared with them… yet she’s never managed to NOT be a storyteller. Ever.

Being a result of one of the original ‘hands across the waters’ cross-cultural exchanges—Scots-Irish and Choctaw/Chickasaw—making a home base in dampish forest county came quite naturally. Sharing that home base with a longtime spouse, several four-legged companions, and a lifetime’s collection of books took a bit more work, of course. And, having also inherited the itch for traveling from both sides of the pond, her home has wheels for a reason.

Her works reflect worlds both old and new, cultures both fantastic and familiar—and promise an immersive, subversive experience.

 More information can be found at her websites: https://talulahjsullivan.com or https://jtulloshennig.net