T. Brian Wagner

T. Brian Wagner (a.k.a. Professor Philemon Vanderbeck) is a high-school mathematics teacher by day, and on the weekends, he is an explorer into the mysteries of space, time, energy, mind, and spirit. He is a member of A.G.H.O.S.T. (Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle-Tacoma) and with them, has investigated many haunted locations in Washington state. He occasionally leads amateur ghost hunts in association with Spooked in Seattle, the #1 Seattle Ghost Tour, and performs a theatrical sťance titled "Memento Mori." In the past, he co-wrote and co-directed "The Desert Peach" musical in collaboration with Donna Barr and Michael Seyfrit. He still runs a weekly Dungeons and Dragons RPG and like everyone else, is currently writing a novel. He lives with his wonderful husband of 20 years, Keith (who asked not to be mentioned in this bio), and two cats, Hermes and Cleo. He is a former RustyCon Fan Guest of Honor, and his personal website can be found at CreepyMagician.com.