Marla Baer-Peckham

Marla attended her first convention (Star Trek New York) in 1975 and hasn’t left fandom since! Marla chaired her first convention, The First L.A.S.T.con in 1981 in Albany, NY. She then moved to Seattle where she championed and chaired Rustycon 1! Marla has held virtually every position on a ConCom since then, and can tell lots of stories from her years running and attending conventions all over the world. Her next con job is as head of special events for Orycon 42.

In her “mundane” life, Marla spent a large part of her working life as an engineer. First for Boeing where she was on the Space Station design team, then for NASA as a Payload Integration Engineer for materials science experiments that flew on the Space Shuttle.

Now retired, Marla has moved into her other passion, doing very high-end beadwork. She is president of the Northwest Bead Society, teaches classes, and now designs, develops, and writes beading tutorials which she sells via her Etsy shop