Leslee Fuller

By definition: Geeky/Goth/Mom/ Veteran/LGBTQ Supportive/ Blue Line/Animal Rescuer/Biker. Did I forget anything? At any rate- since we travelled continuously when I was young, usually to strange foreign places, access to buy doll clothes and toys was seriously limited. My mother knew how to sew & told me that if I wanted something, I just had to learn how to make it. So I learned… and it became a continual motto, for whatever it may be that I wanted – everything from costumes to car parts, I learned how to work with fabric, fur, leather, wood, epoxy resin, vinyl, foam, latex… the list goes on. I believe welding is next on the list to learn. If someone can dream it up, I can find a way to make it. I also learned I was a geek at a young age, and learned how to build my own computers early, played Zork from the start - I’ve been a gaming geek ever since. My latest passion has been motorcycle riding – and creating the customizations for gear, since there is a lack in “geeky” biker bling.