Lee Fuller

I started DJ at Western Washington University in 1984 spinning records for many of the local dorm dances. Having studied there taking classes in music and professional performance. I pursued a life of playing lead guitar in a local industrial band and played many of the clubs in downtown Seattle as well as performing in New York. After a long hiatus I decided to get back into djing.

 So, I started streaming my sets out onto the internet and in a game called Second Life where I started getting a fanbase that were listening to my sets from all over the world. I then started to record those sets and made them available through podcasts where they can be downloaded through iTunes and from the podcast site. I have DJ'ed in downtown Seattle bar for many events that were held by The Sisters of the Mother House of Washington. I have also have been the head DJ at RustyCon, as well as being one of the main staple Dj's for Norwescon.