Welcome to the Rustycon Gaming Department. We already have some exciting things planned; we have the Reaper Paint and Take, which will run all weekend, and a large games library coming for those of you looking to play something new or just want to introduce people to an old friend.

New this year we have the “Introduction Zone”, say you just purchased a game in the dealers room or brought one from home that you have been dying to learn. Bring it to the “Introduction Zone” and one of our expert Games Masters will assist you in learning the game.

Also returning this year are ever popular Dragondyne Publishing Neverwhen Demonstrations for their latest edition, designed to work with Paizo’s Pathfinder 2nd Edition.

As the year progresses we will continue contacting area gaming stores, game clubs, and game manufacturers to bring more exciting events to Rustycon. To keep up with everything happening with gaming, you can join us on our Facebook page (Rustycon - Gaming ( Announcements will also be made to this site.

Any requests our comments can be sent via the Facebook Group or by sending an email to

Happy Gaming Everyone
Dustin J Gross
Department Head - Gaming