Duffy Owens

Duffy has been involved with science-fiction and fantasy conventions since before Norwescon. Norwescon was born in their Living room. Since most of the meetings to have a convention were there. Duffy did not get to go to the first few conventions because he was ‘the babysitter’. His son Gregg was the youngest attendee at Norwescon1 (at 5 months old). Duffy ‘s first convention that April talked him into going was Moscon1 where he met many people, who many are still his friend today.

At Norwescon4 they started going as a family. They won their first costume contest at Norwescon4 with the kids as hobbits and Duffy as a Nazgul. Duffy had a long hooded black cloak on. He had a blackened his face and put two LEDs above the eyes of the lone ranger mask he wore. When he snuck out onto the stage it was dark with a spotlight on the kids when he raised his head all you could see were the glowing eyes and the crowd gasped and some screamed. The Owens boys and Duffy worked as late-night security for many years until and accident with a bus, injured Duffy at Norwescon 15.

In 1982 RustyCon was created/ formed as Seattle’s sci-fi convention and as a training con for Norwescon. April was head of registration and Duffy and the boys worked security under the capable supervision of Dameon Willich. This group also worked together in the same positions at all of the Dreamcons. This continued until April retired from registration at RustyCon5. Then April persuaded Duffy to help her run the green room. Duffy became very popular with the writers not only because of the premium chocolates and beers he provided. It might’ve had something to do with a bottle of scotch bought with his own money that he shared with favorite writers. At Rustycon8 at the Bellevue Hilton. He talked the head chef into letting him cook prime rib for the RustyCon staff and green room. Then April and Duffy were asked to do the very first non-smoking green room. It was at the Bellevue Hilton Westercon.

It went over very well!

In 1998 April changed his life when she gifted him his first native American flute. She told him he needed to learn it to play for her, and he still does.

When April went through the veil in 2008, she made him promise that he would continue his music. He complied and produced a healing CD dedicated to her. He now plays all over the Pacific Northwest for various Shaman, Native American events and festivals. He has sold CDs to people from all over the world and is considered by many as an accomplished International Recording Artist.