Debbie Callaway

Debra R. Callaway-Born in Seattle in Discovery Park (it WAS still part of Army Base-Fort Lawton at the time). I started costuming at the age of 12 and Discovered Conventions in 1975 when I went to PSST Con 1, first SF Convention was Norwescon 1 in 1978. During the years between then and now, I have made jewelry and quilts for sale, play with the SCA, taught at Women's Primitive Skills Weekend, done panels at conventions, worked backstage for masquerades, worked occasional paid theatrical gigs (including Portland Opera, PNW Ballet & the old Bathhouse Theater) and had a business making Victorian underpinnings. About 2004, I started quilting again and finished a quilt in 2010 that was pieced 70 years earlier! I costume for a particular "event" (Victorian Ball, Norwescon Single Pattern Contest in 2010, and my part of a Norwescon Masquerade entry in 2014), or when inspiration hits (a female "space pirate" from a painting by Artist, Bill Grader, or designed around a skirt found Second Hand). Sometime in the later years of the 1990's, after years of doing mostly historical with the rare Klingon, I decided I was not getting the satisfaction out of costuming that I once had and decided to "give it up" (HA, like trying to give up chocolate, it can't be done). Costume Inspiration finally hit again, after a long dry spell of at least 10 years when I created "Spirit of the Rainforest" for the 2010 Norwescon Single pattern contest (it also won a blue ribbon in the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe that year and was on Display in the UW Tower for the 2013 Spring Tower Art Show, "Tossed, Lost & Found"). For the past 6-8 years, I have been learning to weave small goods, using an inke loom and also card-weavng on a custom frame. So here's to future creative projects, costuming, quilting and weaving and whatever new thing comes along to learn. Here is to the future.