Welcome Vendors for Rustycon 38

With the convention being so late in the year we are hopeful that we will be able to have an in person convention, potentially the first since COVID 19 started. With that we are currently planning for the post COVID environment.

We are, currently, looking at more space between tables, 6-8 feet. This will limit the number of vendors versus what has been at conventions in the past. We will have a more accurate number once we have accurate measure the space but we are hoping for around 15 tables.

Vendors will be vetted by staff based on what is being sold. Websites &/or Facebook pages will be a required part of the application process.

The one thing we really want to stress is to be flexible. Things are continuously changing weekly & daily. Number of Vendors could increase or decrease depending requirements as we get closer.


Stay Tuned we will be posting more later.