D. L. Gardner


My name is Dianne Gardner writing under D.L. Gardner.

I have 15 Indie published novels, one novella and several short stories. I am an avid reader of fantasy especially in the vein of Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson and Joe Abercrombie.

Among the books Iíve written is a 6 book fantasy series Ianís Realm Saga, which has been on the Amazon Best Sellersí list twice having had over 25,000 downloads. The series has won 2 Book Excellence awards (one for a series in 2019 and another for an individual novel of the series.) Iíve collaborated with Indie filmmakers to do a concept film from the series as well and after entering film festivals, the film has won 15 awards Internationally in 2019, including Best Screenplay awards which I authored.

Iíve also won 5 Best Screenplay awards for my magical realism book Dylan, a coming of age story about an autistic young man who can spin pearls out of oyster shells.

I wrote one historical fiction based on a relative's WWII letters.

My historical fantasy novel based on 1921 Ireland, Thread of a Spider, won Audiobook Choice Award in 2017.

Iíve also written a dystopia novel and a mermaid book title Pouraka which won a trophy at a writerís convention in Kentucky in 2016.

Iíve been a columnist for Amazing Stories Magazine representing the fantasy genre. Iíve been invited to speak at several conferences both online and in person including the Imaginarium Conference. I am excited about being a panelist for RustyCon.

My most recent series Sword of Cho Nisi is being considered for an SPFBO award.

I've written ever since I was a youngster and have led an unusual life having grown up in the sixties, lived in the desert for nearly 30 years in a mud hut, raised horses, sheep, goats and chickens, and seven children, much of this lifestyle has been an inspiration to my novels.

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