Got a great costume? Found the perfect set of friends to cosplay your favorite show? Show it off Saturday night at the Rustycon 38 Masquerade!

Here are the rules for this year’s show. Please remember that the rules for the masquerade are for the safety of the participants and the audience, not the whim of the director. If you have any questions regarding the rules or the masquerade, please see the Director, Jonnalyhn Wolfcat, at the signup table in the lobby. Your questions will be answered.

 You must read the rules before entering.

 Sign up table closes at 2 pm Saturday. Please have the signed entry form to the masquerade sign-up by 2:00 PM.
No signed entry form, no entry.

No food product-based costumes or messy substances allowed on stage or in the backstage area.

Rustycon is a family event. All presentations must be PG-13

No unsheathed, edged weapons on stage. All edged weapons must be peace bonded. There will be a weapons master to check them if there are any questions.

No outside food in the backstage area. You may be careful about the burger, but your neighbor may not.

No fire allowed on stage.

No projectiles of any sort. If you need to throw something during your presentation, clear it with the director.

All costumes with electric power needs to be self contained.

 There will be no access to electrical outlets on stage.

Costumes can be no longer than twelve feet, no taller than ten feet, and no wider than six feet.

No Costume Is Still No Costume.

If you have any questions, ask the director; surprise the audience, NOT the director.

The Masquerade Director has the right to eliminate any entry from the competition on the basis of taste, danger to the audience, building or you. Violation of any of the above rules, or any other reason deemed sufficient.

There will be no appeal.

Please, NO LATE ENTRIES. If you have any questions, ask the director.

Every presentation should have a soundtrack; it makes it easier for you to rehearse and time your presentation, adds impact, and focuses the audience’s attention. It can be music, sound effects or something you record yourself such as dialogue. If you don’t provide a soundtrack, we’ll play some generic music.

Our Master of Ceremonies can also read out a script or other text which you can give to us when you register for the Masquerade. We won’t be able to let you speak on stage, so pre-record your words and practice them or give them to the MC to read. Please have it typed or printed clearly in a BIG font so it can easily be read in low light. Without an introduction, the MC will announce only your entry number, division and title at the beginning of your presentation. After your presentation is complete they will read your credits.

In addition to your presentation sound, if you have chosen a piece of music from a CD or music file, please bring the original CD or file with you, we may be able to use it. Please write the track number legibly on the original CD. We will only be able to cue a CD or file to the beginning of a particular track (there is not enough time during the Masquerade to cue within a track). If this is the case for your music, please record it to a separate medium ahead of time.

Turn in your music at either of the mandatory Masquerade Meetings (meeting times to be published in online programming schedule before the convention begins). We will make every attempt to return your media to you after the Masquerade.

We can accept the following:
Standard audio CD
CD-R (create as a standard audio CD, burn only 1 track, make 2 copies)

(preferred) USB stick
To ensure that Entrants with limited experience do not compete with those Entrants with more experience, skill divisions have been established as such. Only one costume can be worn by each person, but there is no limit to the number of costumes you can make and have your friends wear!

Young Fan: Costumers 13 and younger. This is our children’s masquerade. All young participants must have adult supervision.

Novice: Costumers with little to no experience, first time performers and/or have only been on stage a few times, and anyone who has never won an award in a costume contest.
Apprentice: Costumers with some costume making and/or stage experience, have entered costume contests before and may or may not have received an award, but have not progressed to the next skill division.

Journeyman: Costumers with significant costume and/or stage experience. A winner of two “Best of Novice” awards competes as a Journeyman. Anyone winning “Best of Show” at a smaller convention should compete as a Journeyman at Rustycon.

Master/ Pro: Skilled costumers with extensive experience, several awards, professional actors or persons who make their living making clothing or costumes compete as a Master/ Pro. If you have won “Best of Journeyman” twice, you should compete as a Master/ Pro.
There are two main areas of the masquerade, Costume judging (or workmanship) and Stage Competition. All entrants will have a stage presentation, either walk-on or skit. Presentations are limited to one minute for single entries and 2 minutes for groups of three or more. For the Stage Competition, costumers will be judged on the effect of their costume as well as their stage presentation. For the Workmanship Competition, costumers will be judged on their skill in the construction of their costume. If you are recreating another costume from another source (anime, book covers, movie chars, etc.) please bring a copy picture of the source image. Workmanship judging is optional, and will be done before the stage competition.


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