Celestial Convention


The Celestial Convention was created as a result of a Memorial to all those NW Fans who have passed away.

The Celestial Convention names stars in the Ursa Major constellation with the names of those members who have passed from this life into the next.

Family, Friends or Science Fiction Conventions in the Pacific Northwest can purchase a star for the deceased at a nominal fee; once every 5 years or 10 people, there will be an official ceremony to induct the member into the memorial. This year in 2021 will be the next event.

The Current Membership of the Immortals

(In Alphabetical Order as of RustyCon 36)

A. C. Crispin
Aaron Meisner
Agnes B Kenmir
Ann Fox
April Owens
Art Larson
Barbara Hunter
Barbara Kenmir
Barbara Oldham
Bear Brown
Becky Fallis
Beth Toerne
Bobbie DuFault
Bruce Anderson
Carole Lorang
Carrie Parris
Cass Marshall
Cheryl Ferguson
Chris Downey
Chris Nefedow
Christine D. Winters
Curtis Hack
Damon Knight
Dana Marshall
Daniel James McMillan
Dave Harper
David Richard Darling
Deborah Wood
Debra L. Miller
Dennis Avner
Don Stern
Elliot Spike Rettke
Emily Smith
F. M. Busby
Frank Chauteau
Frank Kelly-Freas
Frank Teale
Fred B Torck
Fred McLain
Frederic Pohl
Gail Butler
Gordon ‘GORT’ Erickson
Hans Johnson
Harlan Ellison
Henry Best wick
Ilene Meyer
Jack Chalker
Jana Simmons
Jason Elhers
Jay Lake
Jeanette Eddy
Jeanne Robinson
Jerry Pernell
Jerry Pournelle
Jess Roe
Jessie Lee
Joan Duram
John Robert Jones
Jon Gustafson
Jordan Orr
Joshua Curran
Julian May
K. C. Ball
Karen (Bitsy) Jarvis
Karrie Dunning
Kathryn Daugherty
Kathy Love Donovan
Kenneth Gay
Kitty Canterbury
Kristi Cleveland
LaTonya Taylor
Marion Widger
Marjorie Goforth
Marjorie Rosen
Mark Mogenson
Mary Kathleen Patterson
Matt Winkelmann
Melanie Schaber
Michael A Briggs
Michael Broche
Michael Scanlon
Octavia Butler
Pamela Ann Rapinan
Pete Kost
R. Stephen Adams
Rebecca Victoria Neason
Richard Stierl
Richard Wright
Robert Asprin
Dr. Robert Forward
Robert Young
Roberta Carlson
Roger Zelazny
Rosalind Vecchio
Sheri S Tepper
Stephen Smith
Steve Campbell
Steve Milner
Sylvia Darkow
Tatyana Moisant
Terry Primrose
Vicki Mitchell
Vivian Eide Lewis
Vonda N. McIntyre
Zack Willhoite

Please contact the_elan@blarg.net If we have missed anyone, who should be listed.

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