Gibbitt Rhys-Jones


Rhiannon “Gibbitt” Rhys- Jones has been a geek since the age of the dinosaurs. Her grandfather got her into science fiction, and her mum and uncle introduced her to fantasy. She started watching Star Wars with her step-dad followed by The Twilight Zone.

She was dragged to her first convention in 1991, and started volunteering right away. She joined the staff of Rustycon 12 in 1995 and has been very involved officially and unofficially ever since. She met her husband, Dustin Gross, the year before she joined staff, and one of their first dates was to a Dreamcon.

She considers Rustycon her home convention, and has taken on multiple official and unofficial positions, including officer of the board, as well as President of the current board, RAIn.

She has been Secretary, registration, Program book, programming, vice chair, volunteer coordinator for Rustycon, and many other positions in many other conventions, including Director of Programming for Westercon 73, this past July.

She credits the conventions with enabling her and her husband to start their own business, Dragondyne Publishing.

She also credits the conventions for enabling her the courage to start her business, the Gibbitry.
Gibbitt is an editor, a poet, a writer, an event planner, and, as she puts it, 'Volunteer Extraordinaire'.