Anne Prather

Author, scientist, artist and musician, Anne Harlan Prather earned a Ph.D in botany from the University of Washington and a bachelor of music performance from Wheaton College. A science fiction connoisseur for over 40 years, Anne has studied science fiction writing with best-selling author Madeline L’Engle and short-story author Vance Aandahl. As a singer, song-writer, harper and guitarist, Anne is a recording artist and the author of over 100 songs, many of which have science fiction themes, and several of which are featured in her debut Sci-Fi anthology, Wings of Joy: Stories and Songs of the Thousand Worlds. In addition, she is the author of Mystic Intersections, an art book of her photography and digital art that chronicles her journey from congenital blindness to functional sight.

Anne has been a pioneer throughout her life. She was the first blind student to be mainstreamed into her local public school district. She was the first woman to receive a guitar performance degree from Wheaton College. She has spent her life balancing substantial limitations with a wide range of interests and accomplishments. Her diverse experiences lead her to write Wings of Joy, a series of tales about people with an extraordinary gift—the ability to move starships through galaxies at hyperlight speeds—and their search for meaning and purpose in a future history that spans more than 1000 years.