Alexander James Adams

Using story and song, this Faerie Tale Minstrel leads his listeners into worlds of magic and music where anything can happen if you only believe.

A steward of all kinds of animals, Alexander has rescued many a sad, furry creature and made its day better.

Alec has lived in many different places but always had his heart set in the great Northwest. He resides now in Redmond, Washington and travels where and when the Festival Wind blows him.

In 2014, he had the extreme pleasure of collaborating with Fox Amoore in Abbey Roads Studio, London as part of Fox’s CD “Come Find Me” released later that year. Teamed again with Fox Amoore as the main lyricist, Alec is continuing to create rock operas and stage shows of various sorts with Mark Maverick Productions. Alexander has also made appearances in two indy films, Ember Days; Cthulu Blues Productions, 2013 and The Last Faireun; Canticles Productions, 2020 in both films as ….wait for it….. a wandering magical musician!

(No typecasting here!)

With nine of his own albums, two with Canticles Productions and a few short story readings, Alec is kept busy with writing and engineering music for himself or others, performing with friends like SJ Tucker and Betsy Tinney as the faerie-folk band Tricky Pixie or with Fox Amoore and other Furry friends in Bandthro, playing with his two pitbulls and three black cats, or dancing with his beloved lady until he falls over every night sound asleep, dreaming of the next day’s adventures.

Come listen, laugh, cry and celebrate the sounds of guitar or fiddle and become enchanted by the compelling voice of this storyteller. Make your day a brighter, better place and then spread the magic around!